A Shiksa on a Mission

Balaboosta (n.)(bah-lah-b00-sta) A Yiddish term meaning the perfect housewife
I'm a shiksa on a mission...
It may not be perfection but it's the journey that counts

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Dress Redux

I have this dress but I don't wear it. And in true American fashion, I don't want to get rid of it either. You know the feeling that makes you store things you don't want but you certainly don't want other people to have. So I decided that since I pull the dress out of the closet but always put it back in for a myriad of reasons, I needed to change the dress or part with it forever. I chose to change the dress. Meet my new dress which I think suits me a little bit better (sorry poufy sleeves but you were not meant for me) and gives me something to wear with my CABs (that's Crazy Ass Boots) which I love like I love oxygen. Got rid of the too cute collar, the pouf sleeves and the ripped lining. Also changed all the buttons adding a lovely old yellow button that needed to be liberated from the jar.

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  1. I love the dress, and those are most Mike Nesmithian boots I have seen in a long time. You look altogether gorgeous. I just noticed this site today, so I'm going to poke around.


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