A Shiksa on a Mission

Balaboosta (n.)(bah-lah-b00-sta) A Yiddish term meaning the perfect housewife
I'm a shiksa on a mission...
It may not be perfection but it's the journey that counts

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's the Story of a Lovely Lady

Once upon a time a girl married a boy, had two kids and a dog and some chickens. And then what happened? Exactly.

I quit working when I was pregnant with my first child and now I'm thinking it's time to get back in the proverbial saddle but apparently everyone else did not have a bookmark in to save my place. So while I'm looking and hoping and searching, I'm continuing trying to be the best stay at home mom I can be. It's sometimes tortuous but always an adventure. And I love almost every painful moment. But now I'm dipping my toe in the next pool. . . .can I work and still do the things I do to make the home I make?

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