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Monday, February 21, 2011

Olive Oil Cake

I was first introduced to an olive oil cake in Jamie Oliver's cookbook Jamie's Italy and oh how I love that man. And his olive oil cake. But I think I may have found a better recipe. This recipe for Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake was on the blog Smitten Kitchen recently. I've tried several of her recipes and always had success. Tried and true. I was looking for something simply and delicious to have after chicken noodle soup and salad. I picked the right recipe. This cake was so wonderful that I could have finished the whole thing myself. I would have if other people hadn't gotten in my way.

I didn't use blood oranges. First of all, I tend to be impatient so if I decide I'm cooking something a little thing like not having all the correct ingredients does not always deter me. This is a supremely difficult trait to exhibit when the chickens are molting which means they're not producing eggs and I'm out of practice in buying eggs. Therefore, I continue to feed my neighbors any and all treats so they keep me in ingredients I absolutely need. Secondly, navel oranges are in abundance right now and the price is right. I'm thinking we're going to be having citrus something everyday of the week. And lastly, I'm a firm believer in improvisation. I like change. So navels for blood. And I didn't have buttermilk or plain yogurt so I used sour cream. The compote I didn't make simply because I have marmalade that is sweet but a little bitter and perfect for the cake. And I was right. Pouring a little drizzle of marmalade that hasn't quite set up was a nice touch.

Now it seems after all of my rationalizing that I really didn't make this actual recipe. But I did. And you should. It's fast and you will not regret it. The boy child loved it immediately. The girl child was not a fan but if I had added pink food coloring and called it Princess Orange Cake, then she may have given it a chance. Maybe next time.

Give an olive oil cake a chance.

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