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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cookbook Love

If you don't know Donna Hay, you should. I mean if you like to cook. And also if you don't love to cook. Her recipes are delicious and super duper fast. She fits four amazing recipes on each page. I find that awe inspiring since some cookbooks take up that much for one part of a recipe. Each time I make her desserts I get rave reviews and an angel gets its wings. . . Last weekend I made this Orange and Almond Dessert Cake. It was perfect. I'm in love with it. I'm thinking about dating it. And you can make it all in a food processor. Ta-DA!

I find these recipes are especially suited for those nights when you want to cook but you have less time and then the kids want to "help" yet you want to actually be able to eat the dinner. Her Basic Baked Risotto is exactly that. I could eat the entire recipe (luckily it only serves 4 so I'm not too much of a glutton, right?). In that recipe I actually substitute chicken stock for this incredible vegetable broth I get at the Asian market. I'd share it with you here and now but I don't speak or read whatever language it is. But, trust me, it's so fantastic that I didn't need to add any seasonings. I have to admit that the kids weren't too fond of the risotto but I chalk that up to their immature little taste buds. They can't be too sophisticated since they go absolutely bonkers over my white rice (that would be add rice to water and boil --you heard it here first, people).

Her recipes are also wonderful for entertaining since they aren't labor intensive. I've added her Grilled Eggplant and White Bean Salad and Molten Chocolate Cakes to my go to list when people are visiting. Neither of these recipes are available on her site but they are in the cookbook Instant Entertaining. Well worth the price. She puts menus together and has so many good tips and ideas.


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  1. That Orange and Almond Cake sounds delish. Plus, I love it when I have all the ingredients to a recipe in my kitchen :)


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