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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby, Baby

As many of you know, my brother and his wife are expecting a baby in June and we all couldn't be happier. Since we live so far apart, the pregnancy is still a bit abstract for the kids but they know there is a child coming and that child will need a name. And they have offered to "help" which I know from experience is less "helpful" and "cute" than most people think. But I thought I'd share these ideas with Cody and Megan and let them (and you all) be the judge.

Here are some of their current favorites divided by theme.

and a last place agreement on Ginny
So as you can tell, we're well versed in the world of Harry, Hogwarts and, well, Hagrid which I'm surprised they didn't also pick as it seems suitable for a boy or a girl, am I right?

This section of the list caused a little rift as Emerson was pro-Padme since it is a first name and Flannery liked Amidala but I think she doesn't realize that it's the same person what with all the costume changes and make-up (although I find that quite funny since my girl is the Queen of the Quick Change).

As you can see by this list, there is no gender specification as these names are simply friends they like. It's like naming your child after the first person or thing you see which I can completely understand after putting the time in on the labor, I can understand just going with Pitcher Nurse Jones.

Today there was a little article on baby naming trends and it contained one of the scariest headlines I've seen: Baby Naming Trends Inspired by Teen Mom and Twilight. I think it's safe to say that we are all securely in the handbasket and it's getting warmer.


  1. Heaven sakes go for Ginny. Lets not forget we can go for ranch names. Mooch, Pebbles, Dolly...

  2. I thought you might like Ginny although I'm pretty sure they'd like Weasley for the middle name. Poor girl. I like ranch names too. How about Haywire?


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