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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mom and Apple Pie

I've said it before and I'll happily say it again. . . .things in a pie crust just taste better. I remember when I was a child and I seriously loved those hideous Hostess Fruit Pies which, of course, were marked "Naturally and Artificially Flavored" yet I can't even imagine anything even resembling natural in them. And, being the young connoisseur in the making, I liked the pudding ones. Pudding in a crust. Actually, that would be so very good right now.

When Mother's Day rolled around, I decided to make myself some wholesome American apple pie and bake it in my glass pie pan that says Bradi's Apple Pie on the bottom. The pie dish was a gift from my mother after I baked my first pie from scratch. I was living here in Portland, so far from my mom in Arizona, but I knew she'd be proud of my mad pie making skills. I had Reggie take a picture of my beaming face with the hot pie in my hands. My mother still has that picture on her fridge.

Now while I am sure that my loving family had an amazing day of mommy fun planned, I went ahead and made some potluck plans with a couple of other families. Strangely, Reggie was really okay with my idea to bake a pie and head over to our friends' house to eat brunch, drink champagne and watch the Lakers crash and burn. I guess he was able to quickly change the big massive Mother's Day plans he had been working on. It's nice when things work out for everyone.

The pie is a recipe from the new Martha Stewart cookbook. I know many people do not like Martha and I understand but I'm rather hesitant to say really horrible things as she's done time in the joint and she'll shiv you, man. So I'm nothing but positive when it comes to La Stewart and I can say (again, since I do realize that I just mentioned this book but it is full of tarts and pies. Tarts. Pies. It's heaven in a flaky, buttery crusts) that the Apple Brandy Pie was a mother's dream. The only thing I changed, because I simply can't follow a recipe like a normal person, is I used Clear Creek Distillery Pear Brandy instead of just any ol' brandy.

I think my mom would be proud.

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