A Shiksa on a Mission

Balaboosta (n.)(bah-lah-b00-sta) A Yiddish term meaning the perfect housewife
I'm a shiksa on a mission...
It may not be perfection but it's the journey that counts

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Flannery's little friend is having a birthday and I felt the need to make her something because I love that she always wants to make presents for her friends even though it makes her mom have to apologize profusely.  It's really sweet.  Plus, this little girl is so smart and precocious. Once I got an email from her mother asking if any of her friends wanted to have play dates with her.  The email said please RSVP to the mother.  So I did.  Found out that mom didn't write the email.... That girl is good!

I made her a little skirt from some Dr. Seuss fabric my mom sent to me and remnants from other projects.  Then Flannery designed a headband to match. I think she'll look pretty good.

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