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I'm a shiksa on a mission...
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Kids

I am not exaggerating when I say that this whole family can geek out like nobody's business. We have been immersed in some serious Mythbusters marathons lately. We left the library the other day with 34 books. Flannery's take included kid biographies of Stephen Hawking, Amelia Earhart, Princess Grace of Monaco, Dr. Charles Drew and Margaret Chase Smith along with two stories regarding Lewis and Clark.  Emerson had one book about Easter Island and one about Macchu Picchu and a book about animals from the Smithsonian that weighs as much as he does.  Tonight we are heading out to see a special showing of a tv show aimed at teaching kids about history. We like Science Fridays and zoo webcams. Reg and I kind of hope to encourage massive geekiness in our children for as long as possible. We're not necessarily leaning towards social outcast but something more like awkward and intimidating.  Keeping our fingers crossed.

It's this type of information addiction that leads us here and there. One thing our kids love is this website with a Place the States game.You get an empty American map and you place the states. Keep the sound on because you get to hear a little "D'oh" when you miss.  We're still working on America but I'm pretty sure there are many maps to use. At the same time, we've been playing Scrambled States of America. It's a card game and Emerson is becoming quite a shark at it. If you play with him, don't play for money. Seriously.

Like I said, we've been on a Mythbusters marathon. I think we've checked out pretty much every season from the library. We're getting through them slowly but surely. Actually not slowly at all. Emerson would watch it non-stop if given the chance. I'm often very touched that he and his friends will choose to watch that when they are spending the night.

And today I came across this article from NPR. Scientists have found a large stick insect (the size of a man's hand) that was believed to be extinct.  We will be discussing this tonight and watching the video of the insect emerging from it's egg.  Yup. It will be like a party here tonight.

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