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I'm a shiksa on a mission...
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reading: Just Another Experiment

I just finished a book I wanted to share. I've long been a fan of AJ Jacobs and his life experiment books. He first read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica in the (very misguided) pursuit to become the world's smartest man in The Know-It-All. Then he went on a (somewhat less misguided but infinitely more comical) journey to understand religion when he followed the Bible to the letter in the book The Year of Living Bibilically. And now he has taken on a ( preposterously misguided) quest to become the world's healthiest human being in Drop Dead Healthy.

I have to admit I have a bit of a career crush on him. I want his job but I'm simply not qualified. His incredibly obsessive personality makes him perfect for these ventures. Who else but an insane person could stick to reading the encyclopedia from A to Z? Who else could wear robes of only one fabric and go out to stone sinners in New York City? Who else would buy a device that enables him to squat over the toilet as opposed to sitting because it's healthier on the bowels? I'm crazy. But this guy is dedicated to the crazy on a higher level.  And he's hilarious. These books make me laugh out loud until I cry. I love reading them because I understand his nerdish desire for more information even if I could never take it to the nth degree.

If you are looking for a good but fast read, check him out.

One final note: I saw that he had a new book out and immediately went to the library website to put it on hold. Apparently I'm not the only fan because there was already a waiting list. What did I do? I ordered the large print version because it never has a waiting list and got my copy before all those other suckers! AJ would have been proud. But then I was reading it (as was anyone in a ten mile radius of me since the print was so damn large) and his section on eye health mentioned that smaller font is better to train the eyes. Now I know. I need to weigh my desire to cut in line with the future of my peepers. See? It's chockablock full of good information.

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