A Shiksa on a Mission

Balaboosta (n.)(bah-lah-b00-sta) A Yiddish term meaning the perfect housewife
I'm a shiksa on a mission...
It may not be perfection but it's the journey that counts

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours

 ...and it's for breakfast.
Here is what fuels me most mornings around here.

Coconut Milk
Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
Cocoa Powder
Ice Cubes
Variations: Sometimes I add Greek Yogurt or I'll put in honey if I only have half a banana.And I used milk when I run out of coconut milk.

I soak the oats in the milk to soften them while I take the dog for a walk or make lunches for the kids. I add a spoonful of cocoa powder, about a tsp of vanilla, one whole banana and a few spoonfuls of nut butter. A few ice cubes and I let the blender rip until it's all good.

It reminds me of a better version of the Carnation Instant Breakfast (you're gonna love it in an instant!) I used to have when I was a kid.

Keeps me full until lunch and it's a great treat after my early AM workouts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's Happening Now

Here are some of the things that are taking up space in my brain lately.

We watched a documentary on Origami the other night. The whole family crowded on one couch, staring at the television while people folded paper and talked about folding paper and folded more paper and even made paper. It was truly quite riveting. I did not know that I needed to see an Origami documentary but I'm so glad I did. The French artist who makes Origami people statues was my favorite. My favorite paper folder. Yours?

Between the Folds

I recently started reading The Emperor of All Maladies which is basically the Pulitzer prize winning biography of cancer. Yes. Cancer the disease. And it's fascinating to say the least. But it's also dense, at times technical and almost always overwhelmingly depressing. When I read books like this one, I tend to take little brain breaks and read something that would be considered lighter compared to cancer. So I read Mindy Kaling's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Other Concerns. And I really loved it. I have recently decided that I definitely like her. It took me a bit. I wasn't quite sure. But I read this book and now I'm hooked. Doesn't hurt that she's a huge geek. I like that. The other book that is helping me get through the cancer book is The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell. Here's another woman I have not quite been a huge fan of but I've always admired. I finally decided that what my brain break needed was some Puritan history. And who better to get it from than the queen of hipster nerds herself?

Making Me Laugh:
Here's what Reggie assures me is the most accurate representation of our mini animal kingdom home. I think maybe he has a point.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hamm and Buble

Something to smile about in the new year. And a little inkling to my emerging respect for Michael Buble